Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bror the bromancer

I am taking my daughter to get a energy drink before work. She was in the store and I was in the the car looking at the handsome guy in the vehicle next to me. He looked great there with his buddies going over some papers. Suddenly, I was reminded of how much I was attracted his maleness. I was reminded of Beck's bromance word. The thought came to my mind, would this guy be a good bromance. I am not sure if my bromances are the same as Beck's but I am sure they are similiar.
A few years back, I just wanted a friend like me. I finally found a guy online and I sent him a message and he sent one back. As it turns out, we had a lot in common. He had been married but he was now divorced, and he had kids. We started chatting and got to know each other well. I liked the fact that he was in Europe, I could bare my soul and I would never see him in person. Well, I was wrong, I ended up buying a ticket and flying to meet him. Yes, against my wifes wishes. I kept none of this secret from her. I wanted her to come along but she would not. I went for 15 days and had the time of my life. I had never been on a trip on my own since being married. I had no clue what was going to happen until it happened. It was great being there with him.
I was a good boy and nothing happened that would end my marriage or my membership in the church. He respected the fact that I was married and he was happy to have me come visit. The only thing I feel guilty about was I had such a good time. It was good for me.


MoHoHawaii said...

During that trip to Europe, were your feelings of a romantic nature? Were they mutually felt? Are you still in contact with him?

Bror said...

Yes, I am still in touch with him. As far as being romantic, it was not. It was more like two old friends getting together for a visit. I really have no clue how he felt. I can only guess.

Beck said...

I can't believe you did this, and your wife allowed you to do this! My wife would have killed me if I went to Europe without her. I have friends in Europe that I am deeply, romantically attracted to, and if I were alone with them, I am sure I would not be able to keep things in perspective. That is why, when I have gone to Europe, it is with the whole family so that such situations never develop - even as much as I would love them to develop otherwise.

Bror said...

I would have loved for someone to go with me. No one would, so I went alone.

Alan said...

I admit, Europe is a little further than a weekend road trip, but in principle I don't see anything different here from a road trip with college buddies or the yearly exodus of gun-toting Utah men to the mountains to shoot deer and stop signs. Any healthy well-adjusted guy will want and need to get away from the women once in a while, even the ones he loves, and go hang out with the other guys for a while. As long as you can in fact keep things in perspective, it's a good thing.