Saturday, October 4, 2008

Gay Forever?

What if I am gay forever? I told that to my wife the other day. She looked at me like what are you saying. I told her it was like for her to believe in the next life she would be gay. She could never imagine such a thing. So why could I imagine such a change. I don't feel inferior or less human here on earth because of being gay. I can't imagine being anything else than I am now. And if I were to change, what would that mean? What would the effects on me be. Would I finally feel free or would I feel sorrow from losing this part of me? I would not be me anymore. I would be this new version of me I didn't know. If I had a way of changing my gayness tomorrow, would I do it, no. I can't, I would not be me. Just some wild thoughts from me today guys. :)


Alan said...

You've touched on a potentially explosive subject for Mormons, Bror, because in certain respects homosexuality seems almost indigestible by Mormon theology and its current relentless focus on eternal versions of the traditional family as currently understood in American culture. I don't believe this was the prevailing dynamic in the LDS Church 80 to 100 years ago, but the Church is an earthly institution run by human leaders and it will go through phases like any other organization. I think much of LDS homophobia results from many Church members' belief that homosexuality is fundamentally at odds with the plan of salvation and therefore they perceive it as a threat to the very foundations of their faith.

I have heard some Church members try to get around this by saying sexual orientation will not exist in the next life. I find this difficult to accept because I think the Scriptures state to the contrary, e.g. "that same spirit which doth possess [our] bodies" in this life will have power to possess them in the eternal world, and so forth.

Personally I think members of the Church have extrapolated all kinds of elaborate pictures and predictions from the Doctrine & Covenants' fairly limited information on life and eternity after mortality, and have impressed much of their own cultural perspectives on those pictures. This is a natural human tendency. But it doesn't make those pictures any more valid or necessarily true. I think for the moment, the weight of Scriptural evidence suggests sexual orientation may be an eternal characteristic, but I don't know for sure. If that's so, then we have more to learn about eternal families and possibilities than God our Father has yet revealed.

Beck said...

I can't worry about this question. I've got enough to worry about. What I can do is accept that I am "gay" here and now in this life - as this is my reality - and can learn to not hate myself for it and to love who I am and be the best that I can be because of who I am, not because of "what" I am, and let the next life take care of itself.

Mike said...

I understand what you are saying. How could something that is so innately me just disappear with death or ressurection? All I can do is hope that it is the case, otherwise I want my money back from this stupid roller coaster I am on.

All I know is that the church is true and that it will work out someday... hopefully.