Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sitting on the Fence

Since I started blogging I have learned so much about myself. The most important thing being that I am not alone in being Mormon and homosexual. It is amazing how we all are so much the same, the same thoughts, feelings, desires etc. It feels so good to finally be among men and women who totally understand me. I look forward to reading the posts daily. I just feel with what I read in most of the posts, I am really just sitting on the fence. I need to get more involved with the issues. I am not sure what the that means, but in the mean time, I sure like being here.

The other night I mentioned to my wife that I wanted to go to Scott's moho party. I totally loved the idea. I have even thought of having one myself. She imediately replied with something so familiar to Beck "so what's next? I suppose you and your moho friends with have a float in the pride festival next year" I had to laugh. I thought of Abelard being in charge of the float to make sure everything was up to code. I could wear the standard moho attire to show people how normal looking I am. Anyway, I do tell her everything and she has even started blogging too. She was a bit emotional at first from reading all the moho posts and reading first hand the true feelings posted here. The thing that shocked her the most is that there is an emotional side to being gay. It's just not all about having sex with a man. It is so much more, other than being attracted to men, the basic needs are the same. My wife has started blogging, so if you are interested in what she has to say here is her blog http://http//


Sarah said...

I thought that the cici that started following me might be your wife! I am so excited that she has joined us!

(And I hope you will both join us for our party on Saturday!)

Scott said...

It's great that the MoHo Wife blogs are popping up here and there!

We would love to see you Saturday, and you definitely should bring your wife along so that Sarah's not a lone woman in a house full of gay men! :)

(There will be at least one other wife there, possibly two or three)

Bravone said...

Bror, I have found similar peace and brotherhood in our blog family. My wife and I hope to see you Saturday.

CiCi said...

Sorry about the party, hon. I just can't yet. I'm glad our daughter has a bball tournament that day. Whew! I don't have to make a decision. It's already been made for me. It's always so much easier that way! I'm sure all of you bloggers are awesome people. It's not that I doubt that at all. It's just me. I'm not ready to put faces with names yet. Namely my face with my name or my husband's face with his name. You get the picture, right? Maybe one day I will chill out and accept all of this. Thanks for making me feel welcome here.

Alan said...

Baby steps, CiCi. If anyone understands that it can take time to come to terms with all this, it would be the members of this virtual family. For now, your real family is your priority and you're doing the right thing going to your daughter's game Saturday. Hope she wins.

Robert said...

That would have been awesome if you had come. It was so very nice. I was pretty nervous, but when I left, there wasn't a single thing that I was less than thrilled about. Wow, it was great. I'll bet that was pretty cool when your wife took a strong interest in the blogs. It's so great when you feel more and more understood. It kinda reminds me how I have to work to better and better understand others. If/when it happens again, tell you wife that she should come. It was incredible.