Monday, March 9, 2009


It so natural to be attracted to the male body. I am constantly reminded throughout each day of my life. This characteristic has a way of coming to the surface suddenly. Who is this guy that reminds me. He could be anyone really. Nothing special triggers this attraction. When it happens, what do I notice first? His smile, eyes, body, intellect, how he says "hi"? I don't know really. Maybe it's the combination of all of them. I really don't know. It's just there, a part of me.


Bravone said...

Hmmm.....sounds like you are gay to me.:) Natural. It is natural for us. I am glad that it no longer troubles me. I can appreciate and move on. When I see a couple walking together, I always notice the man first, naturally.

Beck said...

Natural to me, too. It just happens. And, like Bravone, it doesn't trouble me any longer that it does happen. In fact, I wish it would happen more often. My circle is pretty small and the pool seems to be getting smaller... I need to branch out more. I don't know what is noticed first, maybe more of a combination of factors.

As for noticing the man first, two new couples moved into the neighborhood. My wife asked me what they looked like. It was funny, but I could describe the men exactly down to their hair color and style, height, weight, eyes, etc. and I couldn't tell her one thing about the women. What's up with that?

Forester said...

I just wanted to thank you for being honest about how things are going with you and your wife and the struggles you have had with her knowing that you are gay. If you could change having her know, would you? Do you regret telling her? I don't recall from reading your posts if she found out, or if you told her first.

Z i n j said...

Hi Bror....good to hear from you. I too appreciate the honesty of your prose. Yet in all your struggles seemingly a life unfullfilled have joy and peace and family and the church...and that is alot. Those of us who yet wander envy that aspect of your life. We all want that. Some among us will give up that precious priesthood to find family. Count me as one who loves his fellow men.

Grégoire said...

such an interesting and evocative article.

to me, the male body is beautiful but only in a utilitarian way. michaelangelo's david, with rippling muscles. it's the catalyst for admiration but no arousal.

when i look at women, it's an inspirational communion in contrast. nobody has to explain to me why helen was the cause of the trojan war... it's instinctive.

gs.rusty said...

yes, i agree, homosexual attraction is natural. The Church (and a lot of society) is very good at telling you that this attraction is evil and needs to be resisted. I believe that homosexual attraction, and more importantly that loving homosexual relationships, add wonderful diversity to the overall human sexual and social experience. There are things that gay men (and women) learn in a relationship together that straight men and women do not learn (and vice versa). The experience is different, but still adds to human diversity, experience and knowledge.

What I'm getting at is there is value in homosexual attraction and relationships. It is more than just a trial that needs to be overcome. It is something beautiful that should be built upon.