Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Machine

As we all know, sometimes in a mom marriage we have occasional melt downs. During the last minor melt down my wife said she knew the reason I married her. I just wanted a baby machine. Someone to pop out kids for me. And now that baby time is over, I didn't need her anymore. I am free to find a boyfriend and run off and live happily ever after. I am like, what the hell, where does she come up with this stuff. That's not the reason I got married at all. I thought I pushed all the right buttons when I got married. I have always wanted to be a father since I can remember. But marrying her as a baby machine was not the reason at all. Yes, I knew I was gay. No, I did not tell her my secret. Do I think I should have told her my secret before we got married? Yes, I do now. Does she believe me when I tell her that I thought by being Peter Priesthood and "doing what is right" I would be cured of my male attractions? Hmmm, I don't know. Do I regret my decision to get married? No I don't. Do I feel very lucky to have kids? Yes, very! If I knew then what I know now, would I get married. I don't know. Then the chill sets in and the melt down is over. We tell each other we are sorry and we laugh about it and get on with life. There will be more melt downs. This baby machine theory makes me smile. :)


Sarah said...

I'm trying to figure out the included picture...still not sure. A butter dish?

Oh, well.

Aren't we women exasperating sometimes! Hang in there. Sounds like you two are doing really well overall. No marriage is easy or perfect. Yes, we MOMs have unique issues, but I think maybe we are less likely to melt down over things that other couples fight about. For example, I never have to complain that my husband likes to watch sports more than he likes spending time with me!

Bror said...

Sarah: yes, it is melted butter. It has suffered a melt down and has lost its nice little cube shape. But it still tastes great on toast. And yes, I would rather spend time with my wife than watch sports any day.

Daddy Bear said...

I am in a similar situation, gay man married to a straight woman. I sometimes wonder if the only reason she married me was so I could be a sperm donor and a paycheck. I suppose straight men feel that way also.

Getting married did not turn me straight or let me live happily ever after as it turns out.

Beck said...

I like this post. Certainly it is frustrating to you when such exasperating comments fly out of no where.

But at least she's thinking about it and you're talking and laughing and getting on with life... I see those as good things.

Anonymous said...

but you can see where she's coming from. a lot of married mohos talk so much about wanting to be a father. as for sports, sometimes i think i should sit down and watch an entire game just to let her appreciate what she has. problem is, i'm not too sure i could do it.