Saturday, February 13, 2010


I remember my first major crush. It happened while working at a summer resort. He was a city boy and I was a country boy. I never told him that I thought he was god's gift for the summer. I just tried to hang with him as much as possible before he left at the summer's end. But, he loved the girls and they loved him. If this weren't so who knows what may have happened. It was a fun summer.


MNJ said...

doooode, can you post that - the day before love fest - won't cici be ticked? :)

i realize you title "first crush". but shes the last right!

ps MH made me write this! hee hee hee hee hee...not really...

Ned said...

Bror: Your first crush story reminded me that I had not written mine yet and so I finally got started on it and finished it up a few minutes ago. Thanks for the inspiration.

MNJ: Yes, point well taken. Is this the thing a married man should be doing on Valentines day, writing about his 1st crush? Probably not, not at first blush anyway, but I'd like to think that now that I've said it and pushed the publish button, I can now be more in the here and now with my wife. How's that for an excuse, a justificaiton, a rationalization?

Bubby said...

Thanks for choosing to follow my blog, I look forward to reading through yours..

Wishing you all the best.


Wyatt said...

You can live your life and have more than just a crush. You don't have to be bound to being dismissive of crushes and likes and love.

Be who you are. Be you!


Anonymous said...

What a cute post. lol. I had a crush on a guy who chased after the ladies for a few years. Now im best friends with his ex girlfriend but I never talk to him. Each time I hear about him though I get little butterflies. haha