Friday, August 19, 2011

It's been awhile.

Not much has changed in my world. I am still attracted to guys and married. Every time one of our kids heads off to college my wife mentions she feels the last one to leave will be me. I guess she has every right to believe this will happen. She worries she will be alone without anyone one day. I try to make her feel better but nothing works. I am sure it's because of who I am. The subject of divorce comes up every once in a while. We usually just talk about it and it goes away for for a bit, but it always resurfaces sooner or later. I think it's good we can talk about most anything comfortable or not. I have done some things lately that have made her feel sad. I hate when I make her feel sad. It seems to take her longer to get over the feeling. She feels that we are on totally different pages. I agree. I don't know that we have ever been on the same page. I don't think that is always a bad thing.